Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here's a brain drizzle--hire a competitive eater

Gabriel Muller, Govt Executive Magazine, Apr 7, 2015, says competitive eaters--those often skinny or small people who can eat outlandish numbers of hot dogs or cheeseburgers--are great multitaskers.

One said--You have to pick up the hot dog, and while eating the dog part, dunk the bun, then take the bun out of the liquid, squeeze it, eat it. Again. Again.

He makes every second count. One recruiter in this article says he looked for this.

If you make a mistake, don't let it drag you down--practice, go back.

This recruiter also likes Magic: The Gathering players (I listened to a whole book on this), or members of the StarCraft community.

In sports--you have to work to win--you aren't just entitled to because you went to college.

People in sports, according to this, are team-oriented, goal focuses, persistent, and receive feedback well.

But the competitive eater has one caveat--if you can't keep the food down, don't even try it.

Good advice in all walks of life.

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