Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to be a better speaker

Do you like PowerPoint? It bores me to distraction--especially if the presenter starts reading me the screens.

Robert Half, CareerBuilder, says you can do better.

First, understand your audience. Are they in the "in" crowd on the subject, completely green, or mixed?

What do they want to learn?

What are some of their concerns on the topic?

What message do you want to leave behind?

I once taught a speech writing class and my teaching partner and I said people will only remember "one" thing--we decided that for us, that would be that people would only remember one thing.

When you start, the first job is to engage the audience. Give examples. Give examples from your own life (like I just did). If you want to open with a joke, be careful--most people can't tell jokes and many people these days can't "take" humor.

If you want to be a better speaker--study the greats--such as the Ted Talks.

Try to teach something new--something people have not heard or known before.

Keep it under 20 mins.

And--Half says watch the presentation may not even need it--and you sure don't want to read it.

I would add to that--check all your equipment beforehand... A talk should not be about how you can't work your laptop.

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