Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to have a nice day

Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder, says some researchers at the University of Warwick, had found that happiness makes workers 12% more productive.

Happy workers use time more effectively and work faster.

First, become a morning person, Ricker advises. But don't dread it as the daily commute and so on, think of it as a new start. Make mornings stress-free--pick out clothes ahead of time, even have breakfast planned. Also plan lunch,

At work, focus on one task at a time. Zero in.

If your "power hours" are in the morning, try to schedule important meetings then.

Prioritize projects. If other workers or bosses try to add things, ask what the priority is.

Another thing I do is start a new project in the afternoon--so you can pick up with it in the morning. No procrastinating.

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