Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to quit without extreme prejudice

Remember the flight attendant who unfurled the emergency chute and leapt to freedom?

Kristin Marino,, does--she writes about this in a story on CareerBuilder.

Then there was a woman whose boss was on her about how many "views" the videos she produced were getting. So she made one of herself quitting and it garnered 17 million views. Ha!

Some advice?

If you plan some splashy Take This Job and Shove It moment--have something else lined up.

Then also submit a formal letter of resignation. Give how ever much notice the company rules require.

Don't belittle the job or the boss.

Tie up the loose ends--make things as easy as possible for your replacement.

Collect work samples before giving notice.

Makes lists of the important steps in er...transitioning.

Think about references you will want--and talk to them ahead of time.

I once had an employee give me a resignation letter that read--"Bye."

Kinda short.

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