Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Interest in farmers fueling farmers markets

It's spring--time for some home-made cheese or fresh berries and veggies. Do we head for the store--maybe not. Produce in the store can be days old.

You don't have to be some prissy locavore (people who eat foods grown or raised a few miles from them) to enjoy the farmers market.

For one thing--those juicy tomatoes--the ones you used to stand in your grandmother's garden and nosh on.

But researchers say people also like the social aspects of farmers markets--they see people they know week after week--many of them actual farmers.

Yes, the prices may be a little higher--but it's worth it.

Some older lovers of farmers markets have cut back their own gardening in favor of the Saturday morning excursions.

Our market here in Chandler AZ is Thursday afternoon--not exactly a convenient time. But I do remember the Saturday morning one in Adams-Morgan in DC or the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill.

So much fun!

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