Monday, April 13, 2015

Like birds and animals? Make your yard critter friendly

In a study at the University of Illinois at Chicago, researchers found that plants chosen by residents for their yards resulted in a bigger diversity of birds in suburban nabes than the parks, preserves or streetside trees. (J of Ecological Applications)

They found 36 species of birds in one neighborhood. But areas with bird-friendly yards had twice as many.

What is bird friendly? Berry bushes, evergreens, bird feeders, bird baths and ponds.

They also quizzed residents on their plantings and whether they had cats. Cats tended to keep birds away.

The berry-bearing trees were key.

Our hummingbird feeder is constantly under siege by the fierce little avians. We also have several bird baths and a pond, but no seed feeders.

This is the desert--we figure they can hustle up a snack, but water is another matter.

The hummers also fly through the fountains--zip--clean!

Don't worry about the amenities standing empty--birds communicate and will put out the er...tweet.

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