Thursday, April 9, 2015

Make your wardrobe SPRING to life

Even here in the desert, we get a springy vibe about this time of year. At work, off come the drabs and on go the pretty, light shades.

But how can you transition--some days it may still be chilly. A pal in Vermont just e'd me that it was snowing again!

Debra Auerbach writes about this on CareerBuilder.

First, lose the wintry blacks and grays. Add a pop of color, advises Elia Mell, author of How to Win at Shopping.

For women this may be a pastel blouse with a suit and for men a colorful pocket square.

Keep the layers. Put a cardigan under your blazer--then if it gets warm, lose the sweater.

Get a trench for outerwear.

Play with prints, Auerbach says. Floral patterns scream spring!

And lighten up your accessories--put a cotton shawl or scarf with your trench and put the wool away.

I find buying a few new items every change of season is also a spirit-lifter.

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