Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sharenting--is it a good thing?

Even this cat wanted to be
somewhere else
Medical News Today had a story on "sharenting,"which means putting videos of your kids on social media.

Researchers at Univ of Mich C.S. Mott Children's Hospital did a poll and noted a dark side to this.

For one thing, some sickos get into "digital kidnapping," presenting pix and videos of your child as their own child, complete with elaborate commentary.

Or--fun can be made of "ugly" babies.

And by the time the kiddos start to use social media themselves, they may be pigeonholed.

Some parents, of course, want advice on child rearing--that want to feel less alone. They ask how to get kids to sleep, what to feed them, questions about discipline, daycare, and behavior--and of course, should they walk home alone from the park.

Overharing would include making the tot identifiable in some way, posting naked photos, or simply posting embarrassing content about a child.

Come on, get a grip!

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