Thursday, April 16, 2015

What about that non-compete?

Everyone likes to play it close to the chest these days. Sign this, sign that..

Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuilder, writes about non-compete agreements. You may get pretty far in the hiring process and then be presented with one of these.

They are not too common, but they are real--and enforceable.

Be careful about signing anything. Read it carefully. And you should "get" something for signing it--because it's limiting you. At least one state has ruled there must be something like a minimum employment period of a year or something like that as consideration.

Some states will enforce these, some won't. Look into it. Usually, there is a geographical limit--don't compete with us within this city...etc. The subject matter should also be specified. You can't take a patent atty job--but you could take an IT job.

How long with the clause last after the person leaves? More than six months--often not enforced or the judge will adjust it.

If you have a non-compete with a previous employer--disclose it. The new employer can get dragged in.

Even if you have one, discuss it if you want a job that might fall  under it. Why not?

Cheaper than a brace of lawyers.

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