Thursday, April 2, 2015

What is worse than a boss--maybe no boss?

Would not fit in--or would he?
Jena McGregor, Wash Post, Mar 31, 2015, talks about Zappos boss-less culture. No titles, no traditional bosses, no hierarchy.

No sense?

They call it "holacracy"--self-governed teams called "circles."

Recently the CEO ony Hsieh says if you don't like it, you can get a severance package and leave.

Most companies, McGregor notes, would say my way or the highway, see ya--or would that be too bossy?

This is a sign, though, that not everyone is down with the circles. Before they can get the severance, though, they have to be in good standing, read a book called Reinventing Organizations, and watch an hour and 40-minute video by the author of the book.

Apparently this circles approach is also accompanied by dense jargon about things being silo'd and so on.

What about supervisors who don't leave? Traditional managers are due to be phased April 30th. They need to be reinvented.

Uh...OK... Anyway they say they don't care if outsiders "get this." So I, for one, am not dwelling.

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