Friday, April 10, 2015

What's up with those ads that follow you?

My late mother had a thing about shoelaces--I went online to find the exact length she liked and for MONTHS, on every website I went to--ads for shoelaces! I got the darn things--leave me alone!

Now, a study done at Ithaca College shows that consumers consider these ads--based on some personal info the advertiser scarfed up from someplace--are "creepy." Yes, that is the word consumers used.

Apparently advertisers are relying on older research on tailored ads. Now, web goers know the advertiser has been helping itself to info on them and they don't like it.

The participants in the study were told they were in two, separate studies. First, they were shown a page mocked up as a shopping site with an ad for a USB flash drive. Second, another mockup with acne cream.  Both cost about the same. The idea was the USB ad was netural, the acne cream was something the students might not want advertisers to know about them.

Then they looked at a fake Facebook newsfeed. Some saw the ad they had seen previously, the others saw something completely different.

They were then asked questions...

Seeing a tailored ad had a positive effect on the will to purchase. But there was an indirect feeling of creepiness about being targeted. This cut the likelihood of purchasing by 5%.

An example was someone buying condoms online and a condom ad appearing on their Facebook.

Me, I just want to lose the shoelaces. And once--the white purse I tried to get for Mom...OMG, I saw white purses everywhere I went.

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Star Lawrence said...

Some charmer, commenting anonymously, scolded me for not emptying my cache. Actually, I do know how to do that and tried it. But thanks for the advice, if not the tone.