Friday, April 24, 2015

Yes, you can get a job by cold calling

Everyone loves to call up perfect strangers and try to get them interested in something--especially in hiring you.

Yet, Susan Adams,, says cold calling still works. She quotes Robert Hellman, a NY career coach with a decade of experience, who says 40% of his clients have gotten jobs by deciding where they want to work, then pinpointing someone there and being honest about the fact that they have no connection to this person or the company.

Sometimes you get a bite, sometimes, well, a "cold" shoulder.

If you do get a meeting or interview, be prepared to be focused and brief. This is not about you--but about what you are offering them. Have ideas for their business, know their situation.

Don't waste the person's time--after all, they are not doing a colleague a favor or anything--this is totally on you.

In the article, people who tried this sent a bullet-pt letter or email and then maybe called. Don't stalk. That never goes well.

But I do think you can ask anyone anything--if they don't respond or are hostile, well them's the breaks.

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