Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All projects are not equal

Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Govt Executive magazine, May 1, 2015, says many people like to do things "ideally." They care--even obsess--about quality and often are dissatisfied with almost all outcomes.

Sound familiar?

This is fine for your most important projects--but if you take this approach with ALL projects, you will never get done and never be happy with what you do get done.

The key is put your quality time against your most important projects.

Some things give back what you put in--such as reading for pleasure. You need to decide how much time to allot.

And then there are the projects where the more time spent decreases benefits...Such as routine email. To this I would add--commenting on websites, my personal weakness--I learned the other day I had 3500+ comments on Disqus alone.

Complete the latter as quickly as possible. Limit the time on the second category. And concentrate on those categories that pay you back the most.

This seems obvious until you try it.  Like a lot of things.

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