Friday, May 8, 2015

Best thing to do when job hunting

Writing on, Nancy Collamer says your #1 best bet is to get a referral to the company from someone. It takes 14 times as much work to get a job without one.

Fourteen? How is that calculated?

Anyway--she quotes the founder of CareerXroads on the subject. He says if a company gets 100 responses to a posting, 50% (or more) are not qualified. Of the other 50--only two will be referred. These will almost always be sent upstairs.

Therefore it pays to spend your time getting referrals rather than broadcasting resumes all over the place.

But how?

First see if you know anyone at the company. Search the website.

Then ask around alumni organizations, fraternal groups. Anyone?

In related news, Collamer says companies are getting more civilized. They are more apt to tell you what stage of the interview you are in.

Some even set up chat rooms to discuss their applications.

Some even have phone apps discussing their hiring process.

So with small improvements in the economy, job seekers are gaining a little leverage. Enjoy it.

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