Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Color green can improve concentration

Some scientists at the University of Melbourne published a study in the J of Environmental Psychology where they tested the idea of "microbreaks"--under a  minute--and how these can boost concentration.

For these "breaks," they found glancing at a grassy green roof scene restored concentration more effectively than looking at a ratty concrete roof.

They found 150 students carrying out a boring task (watching a screen while numbers flashed on and for each number, pressing the key for it--unless it was a 3).

They got a 40-sec break where they could look at a rooftop scene.

View of the grassy roof led to fewer mistakes and resulted in better concentration to complete the task.

Basically, people like nature--they look out windows at it.

They have even tracked people for five years after they moved to a greener place--not only did the move improve mental health, but the benefit lasted long after the move.

One of my favorite factoids is that diamond cutters keep an emerald on a stand near them and gaze into it--to restore concentration.

Green is just a brain color.

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