Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Do you want a mentor?

Years after my formal career (before freelancing), I realized I had been a mentor. Who knew?

Now, I learn from CareerBuilder that people don't need to formally ask someone to be their mentor.

Maybe you are facing a workplace challenge and need advice. Or you want to learn more about your industry as fast as possible. Or you want to see if your personal plan is on track.

Think about who is in your network. Who really enjoys their work? Who would it be fun and beneficial to touch base with?

Who do you look up to? Maybe this person is a few steps ahead of you.

Some companies even match people up--mentor/mentee.

Ask a lot of questions. Be enthusiastic. And don't expect this person to open doors--just tell you where the locks are.

And make it two-way--if you see an article the person would be interested in, send it. That sort of thing.

This is from The Career Contessa.

If you can't trust royalty, who can you trust?

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