Friday, May 1, 2015

Does job stress make you feel fat?

Or--better stated--does this desk make me look fat?

According to a story on CareerBuilder by Deanna Hartley, six out of 10 workers--57%--think they are overweight. Last year, this was 55%.

What did they think caused their gain?

--Sitting at the desk (56%)

--Too tired from work to exercise (43%)

--Stress eating (37%0

This should be of concern not only to workers--but also to employers. They need a health workforce.

I am not sure all these wellness programs that either fine you or reward you for losing a few lbs or turning over your medical records to the company are the answer.

What can you do on your own?

--Snack and eat out less. Bring lunch--and walk before you eat it, or afterwards.

--Exercise more--get up from the desk every hour or oftener.

--Take advantage of employer-paid gym memberships or yoga. Try out for the softball team.

--You know the oft-cited drill--park far from the door, stairs not elevator...

Should you go as far as a "standing desk" or a bike-powered computer? That's up to you.

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