Thursday, May 14, 2015

Enquiring minds want to know

There was a story in the Wash Post on May 14, 2015, about a young woman with a far-reaching intellect--she was interested in so many things, graduated from college at 19, and was trying to decide whether to be a cancer researcher or an astronaut. There are many people like this, despite what you see about dense young people who only care about the Kardashians.

The founder of Imagine Entertainment, Brian Grazer, has a book out called CURIOUS. He credits his station in life to being curious about everything. This has led, he said, to being in the right place at the right time in many instances...including how he got into show business. He overheard a guy out his dorm window who had quit an easy job--turned out to be at a studio and Brian hopped on the horn and tagged up with the boss and got the job, which he then parlayed into meeting many famous people.

He then, even as a relative unknown, talked himself into many short talks with famous people from Edward Teller to Princess Diana.

He also says being curious helps him shape stories for movies. Imagine, his partnership with Ron Howard, has made Splash, Apollo 13 and many other iconic films. He does this by asking questions and listening to the answers. He says being curious is a precursor to creativity and innovation, the big buzzwords these days.

Although he comes off in the book as a tad pompous, he has a point about the questions. You can ask yourself questions--I do it. What is this project supposed to accomplish? Who can use it? Who is the audience...that sort of thing.

If you are curious to hear more--get the book.

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