Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Five questions to ask before saying yes to a job

Katharine Brooks, executive director of personal and career development at Wake Forest Univ in Winston-Salem, NC, says new grads, especially, take one look at the economy and tend to accept the first offer they get.

Some questions to ask first:

How much income is enough? Look at your needs--and the TOTAL package, including flex time, ability to work off-site, an open v hierarchical setup, health benefits, education benefits, and so on.

How will you feel about yourself if you work there? What if it's a tobacco company and you loathe smoking? You don't want a job where you have to hold your nose. Either can be OK--just see what you think.

How will you use your special talents? You should know your five top talents--will the position build on these or make you leanr new ones?

How does the work fit with your passions and interests? At first, your duties may not be exciting--but do they stand to gain in excitement?

Can you make a meaningful difference? This need not be a nonprofit--it can be a place where even the most mundane tasks contribute to the whole.

Brooks reminds us: There is something to learn in every career step.

I would say think about what at least a year in the job would be like--can you see yourself there a year or more?

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