Thursday, May 21, 2015

Govt going for quality candidates

Everyone complains about govt, but like weather, nobody does anything about it.

Well, not quite nobody. Liz Joyce, writing in Government Executive Magazine, May 14, 2015, says more and more people are applying for govt jobs on sites like USAJobs, but this is leading to more work for agencies weeding out the unqualified.

They did a survey recently and only 40% of workers thought their team was capable of finding the right people--down 5% from 2010.

The private sector is also up 30% on applicants per listing.

Bigger haystack--but not necessarily more qualified needles.

Many agencies are trying to shorten the hiring process-push people through. This does not result in better applicants, though.

To get better people:

Expand the job definitions. Help HR understand exactly who is needed.

For hard-to-fill positions, target candidates, rather than letter candidates dribble in. This can improve qualifications by 22%.

Make the agency culture known--be upfront. Don't just say "great place to work." Let people weed themselves out, basically.

Back in the day, when a listing was too detailed, we assumed it was "wired" to a certain person who was supposed to get it--say the person in the job as "acting" director or something. Maybe we can't assume that anymore.

I am sure it still happens, though.

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