Thursday, May 28, 2015

How about this new type health job?

People are always going to be sick--job security. So maybe you should consider becoming a Medical Scribe.

There is a company called ScribeAmerica that recruits and trains people to take notes and keep records during medical encounters in ERs and elsewhere. Instead of the physician hunching over the computer or chart, the Scribe does it.

Often pre-med students sign up--it can be good exposure. Hours are counted toward a Physician Assistant degree.

After you contact the company and are accepted, you complete hours of training tailored to specific client medical facilities--such as ERs, Urgent Cares, doctors' offices, and so on.

Step two is sort of a 4-5 day internship under the supervison of a more experienced Scribe. And Step Three is continuous evaluation as time goes on.

This training--which can be 120 hours or much more--is not something you pay--the clients pay for it.

The initial training includes videos, Medical Spanish, HIPAA compliance, chart reviews and feedback, and similar coursework.

If you don't want to take medical assistant training or the like on your own nickel. check this out.

You need confidence, a sense of responsibility, maturity, ability to multitask, and you must be punctual. Good computer skills are also required.

They do ask for a certain commitment of hours. Sound interesting? Go to

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