Monday, May 11, 2015

How not to be a big Bossy Cow

If you are a boss, do you drop by people's desks 10 times a day? Do you ask for daily reports?

If you have ever been micromanaged, says Maria Gottschalk in Government Executive Magazine, May 8, 2015, you know it can undermine your confidence and create daily dread or even anger.

Still, if you are the type that thinks only you can do things right--you may micromanage others.

To prevent this, you must bear in mind the potential consequences of butting in all the time. You are squelching independent thought--even the holy of holies--creativity.

If someone's performance is lacking, see if the tasks match the skill set.  Just ragging on the person won't do the trick.

Make your expectations known.  Make sure the report knows how the company "does it" and wants it done.

Discuss and implement feedback mechanisms. What level of day to day does the employee think they need.

And keep up advanced training as tasks get more complicated.

When I was freelancing, what I really hated was an editor emailing me a week before the deadline and asking would I make it. At least trust me to tell you if I won't.

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