Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to explain unemployment periods

Not finding a job, not finding a job you want, changing career paths, getting downsized, going back to school--there may be gaps in your resume.

Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder, says how you account for this is worth some forethought.

Usually, what you were doing--taking care of a loved one, or going to school, are OK reasons in themselves. Quickly switch to all the job-related things you did. Did you work temporarily for a friend? Did you get certified in something? Manage a household. Corral volunteers and schedule them?

You need to reassure the hiring party that you are reliable.  Don't overdo it--a few sentences.

Stay positive, Ricker advises. Don't bash your past employer, even if you have reason.

Emphasize your passion for the work at hand. Show your readiness--you could start immediately.

Try to talk about the future. Everyone has things in the past that are not so great. You need to put the best face on them.

If you are just a big old job hopper and think you are entitled to this cool job or that one, or maybe the other one, this will not be easy to hide.

No employer is eager to pay you to work out your personal issues.

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