Friday, May 15, 2015

Leaders need to lead themselves

Poor leadership moment.
Drew Calvert, Govt Executive Magazine, May 13, 2015, quotes Harry Kraemer, of the Kellogg School and author of Becoming the Best, on leadership.

Leaders need to know things, communicate well, build teams, inspire cooperation--but also master themselves.

Leaders need to be self-reflective, he says. Most leaders have no time for this, Kraemer says.

Self-reflection can also be uncomfortable--they may recognize they are not paying attention to the things they claim are vital.

But self-reflective people, on the positive side, don't get surprised that often, which is good.

You need both self-confidence and humility. More of both--not one or the other.

The more self confidence, the more matching humility--the more people will want to work with and for you.

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