Monday, May 4, 2015

Whoa--red flags in an interview!

Susan Price, CareerBuilder, says often job seekers are so focused on getting a job they don't notice that company may not be all that great.

Usually you can pick up signals during the interview. Some signs...

Say the interviewer is late. A few minutes is OK, but 15 or 20 may show a lack of respect for you. Rescheduling a few times--same signal.

If the interviewer has not looked at your resume until you sit down--not good. Usually they will call you in--taking your time--if they saw something in the resume they liked. But--they at least read it!

If they interview you just because of a referral, the job they come up with, if any, may not be for you.

If the interviewer checks his or her phone during the session--well, do the math.

See if the dept has a lot of turnover--this can be a sign.

If the interviewer criticizes the person before you, also a bad sign and very unprofessional.

Also beware of bad online reviews of the company. If terms like "endless hours" come up--believe it!

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