Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yoh-boy did you goof!

It wasn't a workplace event, but I remember once as a tender young woman I went to dinner with a boyfriend's parents--and wiped my lips on a nice white tie hanging down from my blouse. Those darn ties--remember those? I turned red as marinara!

Rachel Weingarten writes about a similar incident she experienced on her first job ( She bit into a cherry tomato--paused--then saw the contents dribbling down the boss's wife's cleavage.

She laughed. No one else did.

Sometimes what seems career-ending may not be. Weingarten survived the tomato. A friend of hers spilled hot tea all over a CEO--but the man just got some paper towels and cleaned it up, trying to put her at ease.

Another guy she talked to had sent "personal" photos to a girl friend--he thought. Instead the entire staff got them. He and his boss wrote a co-email explaining.  The CEO's backing kept teasing to a minimum. And firing.

Another woman gobbled a pastry before hosting a job candidate around the office--and THEN saw her dark suit was covered in powdered sugar. Pure class.

I think the naked pic probably left the longest impression--maybe forever as it wandered around the internet.

Is anyone really that hot to see you in the buff? Wouldn't seeing you in person be more fun?

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