Wednesday, May 20, 2015

You need a double grande password

Adam Pasick, Nextgov Magazine, May 14, 2015, says there are many ripoffs of people using their smartphones to pay for Starbucks treats.

First, I have no smartphone--I never go anyplace. But some big name people have been taken for a ride--their phones charged for gift cars that are then sold on the black market.

A thief got one woman's password, changed it, stole her existing balance and then waited for the auto-fill to plunk in more money from her checking acct and stole that.

Apple smartphones account for one in six transactions in US Starbucks.

The company says not their problem--the thieves try other passwords the person has used and sometimes--bingo!

The moral: Use different passwords for everything.

Another crazy nightmare. I need caffeine.

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