Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bad job search advice

Everyone has an opinion when you are out of work. You will hear a lot of malarkey.

Robert Half--job guru--says one thing that will be said is that resumes are obsolete--use your phone, dude. Nope, a well crafted resume is still critical.

Everything happens online now. That's another. Nope. Tagging up online should lead to in person.

The good jobs are never listed--heard that one? Some are online--some are through networking.

If you are not scoring, knock on more doors. OK if they are appropriate doors--if you are only half-qualified or half-interested, it's a waste of time.

The people you know best are your best sources--this may not be true if they are after the same prize.

No matter what, keep at it. Well, sometimes you may need a break--it will make you more effective.

Stick to your strengths, people say. But sometimes going a little afield can be more effective. A corollary of this is--seek your bliss. some advise. Sometimes the bliss thing isn't your first step.

The interview must be a knockout. Of course, you want to be properly dressed, on time, make eye contact, firm handshake and all that jazz, but let it be a conversation--not you boring in with your elevator pitch.

I would say you should come away knowing as much about the company, the interviewer, the job, as they know about you.

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