Friday, June 12, 2015

Coping: Don't let kids play on a wet deck

You know what? I got up and didn't feel like writing about job interviews and social media. It takes more than that to cope and raise a family.

An expert at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science says wet wood containing the pesticide chromated copper sulfate loses arsenic more than dry wood.

So if your deck gets wet, it can be dangerous to children and pets.

This researcher collected arsenic from a 25-yr-old South Florida deck. Many wood decks built before 2004 contain the pesticide.

Using water alone, they got three times as much arsenic than on dry wood. Bleach water even caused another carcinogen to form.

The levels were higher than allowed.

This sulfate stuff was used on decks before 2004 to prevent termites. It was outlawed by the EPA in 2003.

And it's not just decks constructed before 2004--it's also picnic tables, fences, and children's play ground equipment.

Ten years ago, the wood industry estimated that half of single-family homes had a deck or porch treated with this stuff.

What can you do? Get kids to wash their hands after playing on the deck after a storm, I guess. As for the dog--you are on your own.

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