Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Don't let workplace bullies get you

Liz Ryan, Forbes.com, writes about office or working bullies--yup, you will run into them just as you did in school or on the sports field.

Bullies try to put you down to shut you up, she says. They do this because they think you are a threat--so this is a compliment, really.

Ryan calls this Weenie Behavior. Weenies love rules. Rules keep them from stepping outside the lines, which they fear doing. You can get on a weenie's radar by being funny, popular, praised.

They try to knock you off balance--you sure don't know much about this business, do you?

Say a recruiter insists on your salary history and your last job was a low salary for some reason. Don't be intimidated. You don't need thi guy. Or gal.

They try to make you feel like a nobody--Only senior people need to know about THIS...That kind of thing.

Sometimes they try to convince you you need them--but the first time you question a piece of advice, WHAM!

They sometimes steal ideas--I thought of that before you were born!

My advice--shine them on. Try to avoid them. But don't hand over your lunch money.

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