Monday, June 1, 2015

How to get new hires fast and get them up to speed

Donna Wells, Government Executive Magazine, May 28, 2015, said finding talent and getting them in place takes time and money.

Employers are taking longer--25 working days--to fill open positions. If a company has 5,000 or more employees--this averages at 58 days.

If you have a limited amount to spend and no time to train, you keep looking for the perfect person to slot  in.

But since you will end up hiring for "attitude"--how the person comes across--all this time on the minutiae of their skills is wasted.

So hire for attitude, train for skill. Look for people with passion and energy and who fit in culturally.

Train from Day One! Some new hires get no training. You need to telegraph that employees are expected to do certain things. Have the new person shadow someone. Have an introductory course in the company. Tell them, "This is how your first week will go."

Help people FEEL productive.

Training is mutual--one has to do it, the other has to receive and incorporate it..

When you expect something from someone, they are more likely to produce it.

If you just wave your hand and say, "You'll get the hang of it--welcome aboard," the new person feels like a kid on the first day of school..."Uh, sir, where is the bathroom?"

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