Monday, June 22, 2015

Password nuttiness

Wrong finger, but thanks for playing
This password deal is out of control. Matt Phillips writes about this in Next Gov, June 17, 2015.

You have a passel of passes after 15 m ins on the internet. Oh--don't use the same one for everything. Huge no-no. Plays right into Russian and Chinese hands. Change every one daily or at least weekly.

Use a phrase and the password is the first or second word of each word in the phrase. Different phrases for every site. Don't write anything down.

Oh--be sure to have a capital letter, preferably in the middle, a number or two, a symbol but not the ampersand (the US Copyright Office hates those, I learned).

Or let some company store all your passwords--ouch, they just got hacked.

Even with all this, hackers have blasted into the president's email, stolen federal employee info, even breached Pentagon computers. And this doesn't even count the St Louis Cardinals--jocks hacked!

The human mind can only hold seven numbers or letters or thereabouts. Easier if they spell something.

When we get to more biometrics--can we reset our fingerprints? Retinal scans...don't even say retina to me!

I once said something like this on a blog comment thread and some nerd took me to school--I was not fit, apparently, to even participate in this century. Aw shaddup. At least I don't code and eat Cheetos all day!

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