Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The value of storytelling in the workplace

Work guru Robert Half, writing on CareerBuilder, says storytelling is a great attribute to your career. No--not as in lying, as in building an interesting narrative.

Candidate A: I recently moved into IT. I enrolled in and finished a two-year training program then two internships. Now I hope to apply my knowledge in the workplace.


Candidate B. I am a former architect, but now instead of designing buildings, I create powerful IT infrastructures. I am just as at home with computer codes as building codes.

Which sounds more interesting?

Storytelling brings your res and cover letter to life. It makes you a person.

Storyteller also makes you hard to forget (or toss).

It builds your personal brand.

But be concise, authentic,  Try to craft a plot--some transition you underwent, something that happened to you.

Include specific details. One person had a Magic 8-Ball on his desk to remind him to ask for feedback. (I wonder how many responded with the 8-Ball's classic "Try again later").

Back when I sold my writing services, I used to say, "I started at the top." This got their attention. I did--my first published piece was in Washingtonian Magazine--a cover. Long story about how, but it made me look interesting and competent.

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