Thursday, June 25, 2015

This is how we solve First World problems!

This morning, across my back door, a wire looped down.

Could it be from the DirecTV dish on the roof? They left it there when I switched away from them to a company I (now) like to call Century Stink. I hate them, too, based on the countless promises they have broken.

Are you like me? Still harboring the quaint notion that companies that get paid to provide a service should provide it?

Yeah, I know--how naive.

You must clean before a house cleaner comes. Wash the dishes before the dishwasher. Wait on hold for half an hour to be dropped--"If you'd like to make a call..." Puzzle things out in pigeon English. Turn over your computer to someone more competent to move your cursor around to do something...

And now--apparently--according to three DirecTV reps, at least, I should just go on Craigs to find someone to remove the dish and wire--sure, they do it free!

Yeah, free. I bet. For giggles, I went on Craigs--surprise, not free.

I will get my kid to put a nail over the door and loop the wire over it. Sure, it's tacky. But what if it's attached to our present TV system...wouldn't want to cut it.

Well, is it attached to the present system? DirecTV--wait for it--says call them and ask.

Thanks, but could I plunge needles into my remaining eye instead?

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