Thursday, June 18, 2015

Unexpected promotion can cause turmoil

You may suddenly be elevated, but this can be a negative if you feel you did not earn it.

In one example, American employees at a Japanese firm had mid-level jobs, but when the company adopted English as the language of the company, the Americans were at more of a premium.

Tracy Dumas, a researcher who did a study on this at Ohio State, said they knew they had lucked into their position and it was not tied to performance. They felt another policy could come along and unseat them.

Status in a company may not be forever,

The Americans in this example said they were nobody one week, then somebody. The Japanese workers came to them to check their English memos--but they kept worrying that this status could be taken away.

Steve Jobs, it is said, elevated designers over engineers.

Or a boss can elevate employees more like him or her--maybe introverted, or outgoing.

I know this feeling. Back when I had an office job, some male executives resented the CEO's joking relationship with me, then a woman in her twenties. They called me "the pet."

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