Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Working parent, 2015 style

Can parents work full-time and do parenting justice--or the other way around? CareerBuilder did a survey.

Yes--you can have it "all"--men and women. Amazingly 78% of working Moms said yes, 83% of working dads.

A third of women (34%) said they were "successful" parents, and 32% of dads agreed.

But what does successful mean? Eighty-one percent of moms and 80% of dads said success was being able to provide. Women were more like to emphasize the enjoyment of work.

One breadwinner families are on the increase. But in 39% these days--this is the mom.

In the end, women spend more time with family than men do.  Yet they are twice as likely as dads to say working has negatively impacted their relationship with their children.

As a bonus--employers seem to be seeking parents--they think parenting is relevant experience.

Parenting, it seems, increases patience, enhances multitasking and time management.

So it's OK to mention it in your cover letter.

Just make sure there are no jelly stains on it.

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