Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Writing a government resume

Applying for work with the Federal government differs in some ways from private industry.

Lindy Kyzer, Government Executive Magazine, Jun 5, 2015, says, first of all, forget the one-page rule. Five pages is a good goal for a Federal res. This is going to cover a minimum of 10 years.

In general, stick with chronological order. But you can make it "functional" highlighting skills rather than company or agency names.

You are writing for human eyes--but those human eyes will scan only six seconds. It will be a screen shot and on paper. In either, make sure the skills for THIS JOB pop out. These can be keywords or maybe an award or certification.

Repeat the keywords in the listing, but make this sit your unique skill set. Don't just paste them in.

You also need to prove your Federal grade--there are certain levels of education and experience for each grade in the government. Know if you must wait due to time in service requirements.

Veterans especially need to meet the minimum educational requirements--or show equivalent training and experience. Be sure to list your veteran's preference.

Use headers, employ formatting. Include social media links if you want.

You do not have to apply through USAJobs.gov.  Some agencies use their own processing systems or listing site. See if your non-Federal res might be  better. If in doubt, contact the person in the listing and ask.

It's OK to pick up the phone--that is why the person is listed. And it shows you are serious about the job and eager to get it right.

One more thing. Federal apps often ask for KSAs--this is a statement of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities--it's separate from the resume. To learn to write one, go to:

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