Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Can you be full-time parent and full-time worker?

CareerBuilder recently did a survey on "having it all."

Can you?

Seventy-eight percent of working mons and 83% of working dads said--yes!

BUT--only half of working moms said they were equally successful at both. Thirty-four percent said they were more successful as Moms, 32% of dads said they were as dads.

One marker of success, of course, is providing for the family About 80% of both genders said this was paramount.

Still, the sole breadwinner is gaining again, with 39% of moms and 43% of dads say they bring home the bacon.

Women spend more time with their families than men, though. Fifty-seven percent of women spend 4 hrs or more with the kids each day--35% of dads do the same. Still women are twice as likely as men to say working has affected their relationship with the kids.

On a side note, 69% of employers think being a parent provides useful working skills--patience, multitasking, and time mgmt.

Even though parenting is considered marketable, though only one in 10 applicants include it on their resume.

I am not sure how I feel about doing that...

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