Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Digital debris becoming a problem

Remember the paperless office. Hah! You may not have an address book anymore--and store all your numbers in your phone, but there is plenty of mess associated with electronics.

A Baylor design expert says there is still clutter up the USB port!

How about Amazon's "dash buttons"? These are wireless and stick around everyplace. You press, Amazone sends.

Tangled cords and printer paper! Don't even.

Digital art. You can put this stuff up everyplace if you feel like it.

A new DVR is coming out with storage for three years of shows. They call this Techno Hoarding.

There is a crockpot controlled by your phone,

Even cheap storage bins are clutter--and they are supposed to prevent clutter.

One guy said we  need removable baseboards to hide the cords. What if you forget to replace them? More clutter!

Techno Hoarding--I like that.

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