Monday, July 20, 2015

Don't brand yourself as a boring zombie

This would be a don't.
Liz Ryan,, says never take advice to be one of the crowd when applying for a job. Don't try to blend in, keep low.

Let would-be employers see your humor, your brain working, your personality.

Don't use robot language--I am results-oriented, I can work with people on all levels. Snore.

If you have jumped around a few jobs or even a few fields--say it--but end up saying, I finally found my niche...and I can save money for your company like I did at Blah Blah Corp, where my improved manufacturing process saved a million a year...etc..

Sure, you can overdo the eccentric and alarm some semi-zombie like HR people. So keep it under control.

I once hired a woman who told me she had had lunch with Mick Jagger--don't even ASK how we got there!

She lasted 20 yrs--though, alas, Mick never turned up.

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