Monday, July 13, 2015

How to make it between jobs

Everyone gets fired or laid off sometime. Good for the character.

But this does not stop the anxiety, says Jaclynn Knecht, writing on Career Contessa.

But even if you saw it coming or the job was supposed to be temporary, this can be a shock.

So how do you pull it together and go forward?

--First, create a daily routine--do not sleep in. Set the alarm, check email, maybe go to the gym,. shower, suit up and work on your job search.

--Cut all unnecessary spending--now.Even if you have the recommended six months in the bank, you are now on a fixed income.

--Budget necessities, rent, car, insurance, phone, utilities, etc. Then forget the $5 coffees and meals out. You can even cook. (I know, right?)

--Don't close off from fun and friends. Go out if they ask--someone may buy you a glass of wine or two--or drink water.

Remember--this will pass. You may have a different problem next, but this one will pass.

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