Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to say NO

A long-time associate asked me to look over a guy's screenplay--it was not even a screenplay--it was a hastily glommed together shot list. And THEN I found out my friend was not even shooting it--someone else was...I was already backing out, but I was not happy.

Robin Reshwan, U.S, News, writes about how to er...decline things.

--First make sure you understand what you are declining. I really didn't.

--Next, consider the stakeholders. The role of most companies is to make money. This means solving problems,. Every employee has to be into this. See who would be most affected by the request--and by the refusal. Try to start with "yes," but if you are busy, say that, see what the actual deadline is.

--If you are not "it," meaning the proper person to ask, try to offer up the right person.

I am not doing the latter in my case...but my friend did...and the right person was me.

See how this works?

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