Monday, July 6, 2015

Is your e-reader beach ready?

They talk about "beach" books--but what if you use an electronic reader?

Sun, sand, surf--not so hot for electronics.

If you have a full-blown touchscreen (you can watch a movie), Hayley Tsukayama, Wash Post, July 3, 2015, then you need to protect it.

--Look for cases similar to the shock-proof, water-resistant ones for cellphones.
--Two layers: an inner shell and an outer layer of say, foam.

If you plan to read on a raft in the pool or a boat, you must get a water-resistant case. Be sure the charging ports are covered. Electrical tape over the ports also works--and is cheap.

Another lifehack is to use a clear, airtight plastic bag. This is best with readers that have physical buttons or use e-ink tech rather than a full-color touchscreen.

Test your case before you leave for the beach--put a piece of paper in, seal it, dunk it.

Sun can still harm your device, though. Overheating is bad for all electronics. Keep your reader in the shade--even under a dry towel helps. Or in a separate dry cooler.

Put your device in its case before you leave for the beach.

If the device does get dunked, don't use a hair dryer--let it air dry or sit overnight in rice or kitty litter.

Wait as long as you can before you power it up. If it comes on, you are probably OK.

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