Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Making friends at work

On CareerBuiilder, they talk about the ins and outs of making friends at work. A quarter of respondents in one study done by Office Team said friendly workers are the number one reason they liked their job (the money, too, of course).

You spend a lot of quality waking time at work--that is a lot of interaction. One in three adults, another survey said, made their best friend at work.

Work friends boost productivity, keep each other from burnout, and when workers get along, managers like it.

How an you do this without running into trouble?

--Make sure you work more than chitchat. But when you can, ask more personal things--learn about the person's family and interests.

--Offer to help a stressed colleague.

--Meet outside of work, carpool, or include colleagues in social plans.

But such friendships can also have a problematic side.

--Watch out for frenemies. These people "forget" to invite you to things, are competitive, backstab.

--Gossipers can make poor work friends. Share big news only with the closest of friends.

--Cliques--Don't form them.

--And if some colleagues are "too friendly," dial it back.

I used to be a boss--and my problem was being too egalitarian--meeting with my assistants outside work--this led to issues.

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