Thursday, July 30, 2015

New job--same company

Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder, writes about how to score a new job at your company.

If you find out about a new job opening or being created, there is no reason you should not apply, but you need to follow some guidelines and be respectful of your current manager and teammates.

First, be sure you are qualified and not just bored. Be sure you don't have to be in your job a certain amount of time before switching and also be sure you have no disciplinary actions against you.

You have an advantage over an external candidate because you know the company and can gauge what your role would be. Check out the other teammates--maybe take them to lunch.

You may be nervous about telling your present boss, but your company may have a rule on this or you may want to anyway. The new chief will ask your present boss about you. Tell your present boss this is a career advancement opportunity for you. Offer to be onboard for a certain period.

To actually apply, have a formal resume, tailored to the new opportunity. Don't cut corners. This is a big step.

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