Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Not everyone is ambitious

I know someone who is perfectly content--at least for now--to have a 9 to 5 job (actually 5 PM to 11), and does not want to be a manager, get more training or education, or be a boss.

She has her friends, her music, and is content to take life as it comes.

She gets many compliments from customers at work (Wendy's) and posts them on the wall. She answers the microphone, "Welcome to my Wendy's," with pride. She always has a clean uniform, even starched, and looks great as she heads off to work.

But she does not want a promotion--they did make a new title for her to give her more money. She does not want a franchise or a string of franchises.

Somehow this is suspect--we are trained in this country to think we must go every upward. But the whole working thing is changing...Many people get one assignment, then another. They have more than one job--and may even in some cases welcome the change-up for its variety. Other times, though, they feel overworked.

There are all kinds of workers out there. Just wanted to remind you of that.

And by the way--"flipping burgers" as this work is sometimes disdainfully referred to--is hard work--you maybe could not even do it. I have seen bosses on Undercover Boss who could not do it. One's supervisor said, "You are slow as a little turtle."

So remember all this the next time you grab a Frostie!

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