Thursday, July 2, 2015

Oh those heels

Back in the day I walked to work in 3-in heels--now I could not walk to the front door.

Sure, they look fabulous, powerful, sexy, ascendant, but a new study in the Intl Journal of Clinical practice found that heels can strengthen the ankle initially--but lead to weakness and instability over time. (Not to mention bunions and just plain sore feet.)

When you first wear heels, the muscles surrounding the ankle continuously contract to keep you walking. Over time, less contraction is needed--and the muscles weaken.

They studied flight attendants over time. They found the heels altered the gait. Ligament and nerve damage in the ankle could lead to leg and back issues.

But of course, women still want to wear them, silly.

Tricia Turner, associate prof of kiniesiology and athletic training coordinator at Univ of North Carolina Charlotte, investigator on the study, suggests stretching...

-- Pull your foot toward you for 30 seconds.

---Use a theraband to strengthen the muscles in the lower leg and ankle. Resist the ankle pushing up, out, then in.

--For balance, stand on one leg at a time for 30 secs. To make it harder, stand on a pillow.

Or you could get some flats. But if you walk miles in those at first with the tendons shortened from heels--yowie!

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