Monday, July 27, 2015

Setting your own hours can make you work more

Some companies let you pick your start and stop times and whether you work at home or the office.

Obviously in some jobs--such as restaurants--you can't work at home.

But employers get plenty of benefits from flexible work schedules, writes Max Nisen, Government Executive, July 20, 2015.

People with full control over their schedules work the equivalent of nearly a full workday beyond what's in their contracts.

Firms with set hours don't usually work beyond their contract amount and companies don't want them to--overtime,

Why do people overdo it?  Seniority, job satisfaction, perceptions about security , pay level--some reasons.

But simply having freedom over hours plays a big part. Workers may want to "pay back" their employers trust. Or the desire to excel that comes from within. Some people also enjoy what they do.

Will this be taken advantage of? Probably...Let's see as time goes on, pun intended.

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