Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sex and violence may not sell

The American Psychological Assn did a study that seemed to show that commercials in explicit or violent programs pulled best if the ads were G-rated.

Some researchers at Ohio State went over 53 studies done in 2014, comprising more than 8,000 participants. They looked at brand memory, brand attitudes and buying intentions related to ads.

Brands advertised during violent shows were remembered less often and regarded less favorably.

Sexual content was less meaningful in this respect. Ads in shows with sexual overtones were viewed less foavrbaly. but brand memory and intention to buy were less affected.

As for the ads themselves, they found a few studies where violent ads in a violent show were more memorable and incited more intention to buy.

As sexual content increased, viewers' memories decreased.

They concluded that sex and violence do attract attention, but people may pay more attention to that in the shows and ads than in the products advertised.

Dunno--I prefer ads where things look delicious and are not blowing up.

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