Friday, July 31, 2015

Six things savvy 20-somethings should do this summer

I like your shoes.
Samantha Sharf,, keeps an eye on the younger crowd. She says younger people still think of summer as play time and September as get-serious time (hey, I do, too).

Starting now, she says, young people need to track their spending. They may spend a lot in summer--weddings, eating out. If you have been overdoing it, cut back ASAP.

Boosting retirement savings is also a good move. Try to ramp up to 12-15% in the IRA or 401(k).

Ask for a raise or plan to. Make this about a year from the last time you asked.

Look at your housing situation. Most people move between May and September--your lease may be about up.  If you need more, see if you can afford more--be realistic--remember, you may say you won't eat out, but you will sometimes.

Check on student loans. If you graduated in May--you will be starting to pay back those loans about now. No one will hold your hand. See what you are looking at. Didn't get a headsup from the lender--no excuse--you still need to pay, so look into it.

Prepare for next summer. Look up travel deals far in advance.  Watch the eating out budget, too.

Easy-peasy? Nah. It's that stupid grownup thing.

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